How to Become an Academic?

Answer AcademiaAn academic is someone who holds an advanced degree and works as a researcher at a college or university. A career in academia is a very pleasant prospect, and you may find as you're workin... Read More »

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What is academic probation?

There are many distractions from college academia: friends, social events and jobs. Students often find trouble managing time for everything they want to do. Sometimes grades suffer and colleges pu... Read More »

What is a UGS academic transcript?

A UGS academic transcript is an official certificate that lists the courses taken in a given semester, the grades achieved and the graduation date of a student enrolled in the undergraduate studies... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Academic Cheating?

Cheating has been an issue for years in academic settings, whether in the primary grades, high school or college. Studies such as the ones Andy Orment, Alison Smith and Wendy Newstetter conducted a... Read More »

How to Be a Successful Academic?

Ahh, isn't it every young persons' dream to become a successful academic? Follow these steps and you'll be one in no time!