How to Become a Wedding Consultant?

Answer If you love watching and planning holiday events, and you're up for a job that requires big time organization, then this article will lead you to a perfect job: being a wedding planner!

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How to Register As a Wedding Consultant?

Many courses exist to teach wedding consulting and end with a certification from that particular course. More recently, organizations have popped up across the country to add a sense of community a... Read More »

How to Choose a Wedding Consultant?

As you start planning your own wedding, you soon understand the amount of time it takes to plan a posh party, and how much energy. Many couples these days simply don’t have the time or the inclin... Read More »

Wedding Coordinator & Consultant Training?

If you are a highly organized individual who loves the romance and meaning that goes into a wedding, then a career as a wedding consultant or coordinator might be a perfect fit for you. Coordinator... Read More »

Wedding Flower Ideas for a Brown & Light Blue Wedding?

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