How to Become a Verizon Master Agent?

Answer Verizon master agents ease the cost you incur by bringing Verizon services closer to you. They link wireless dealers with Verizon cellular providers. Their responsibilities include facilitating mov... Read More »

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You just pre-ordered the Iphone 4 but you have Verizon wireless Can you flash it to Verizon or something to get it on Verizon?

It is not possible, due to the fact that AT&T is a type of network called GSM. It is not compatible with Verizon, a CDMA network.

Is working under a state farm agent a good stepping stone to becoming an agent?

Any insurance related job is a good stepping stone. Keep in mind that State Farm agents are captive, and therefore you will only learn about the products that that company offers. Independent age... Read More »

How to Know if a Substance is a Reducing Agent or a Oxidizing Agent by the Periodic Table?

Chemists keep track of how electrons are transferred between atoms in a reaction using an oxidation number. If the oxidation number of an element in the reaction increases or becomes less negative,... Read More »

Did Agent Moulder father Agent Scully's baby?

Yes, it was confirmed by members of the x-files creative team.