How to Become a Train Driver?

Answer A train driver operates, or drives, a train. They're also called locomotive engineers, railroad engineers or footplatemen. It's a great job for someone who likes to travel and see the country and w... Read More »

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How to become a train driver in Scotland?

Apply to Scotrail for any possible job they have or one of their apprenticeships. Most train drivers are recruited from within the

I want to become a train driver?

If you are in the U.K. I will let someone better informed to help you. If you are in the States it does not matter what you take, as long as you have a high school or equivalent education that is a... Read More »

My job is harder than a train driver. Why do I get half what a train driver gets?

If you wanted the money of a train driver why didn't you just become a train driver?

Im 16 and i want to become a train driver, please help?

You cannot become a train driver in the UK until the age of 25. Also, you do not need to have any formal qualifications. What you do have to do - having had your initial written job application acc... Read More »