How to Become a Theravada Buddhist?

Answer There are few schools of Buddhism. Theravada is the oldest and most traditional of all. It is often says that Theravada Buddhism is written exactly as what Lord Buddha had taught. At present Therav... Read More »

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How to Become a Buddhist?

You, for whatever reason, may be interested in Buddhism, joining a community or integrating the Buddha's great teachings. Whatever your reasons, this article will teach you the basics of what you n... Read More »

How to Be Buddhist As a Child?

As a child, it is very difficult to live life in a religion that your parents do not follow. However, Buddhism is one belief that is very, very personal. While your parents may be another religion,... Read More »

How to Say a Buddhist Prayer?

When you send the following loving-kindness prayer, visualize the beings you mention as well, happy, and peaceful, and your thoughts of loving-kindness reaching them, touching them, embracing them ... Read More »

How to Become a Buddhist Monk?

Buddhism, a religion over 2,000 years old, focuses on the here and now. Buddhists live in the present, don't worship a creator god and teach basic tenants that are straightforward and practical. If... Read More »