How to Become a Successful Poet?

Answer Poems can take many formsMaking a good living in the poetry genre is hard. However, it is not completely impossible. Here are some steps to show you how.Oh and btw, Miranda is amazing. :) xD

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How to Be a Poet?

Some inspirational and talented writers have the patience and skill to write a novel. Others like a shortcut. A few well-chosen words can let the world know how you feel and what you think, which c... Read More »

How to Express the Poet in You?

Ever got a writers block in the middle of class? Can't think of what to write? Use these easy tips to avoid that situation.

How to Dress Like a Poet?

Poetry is a form of creative writing, and a way for one to express oneself

How to Write a Paper About a Poet?

Writing about a poet requires that you explain the poet's background and how that affected the poet's work. You must keep careful track of when the poems were written, as many poets' writing style ... Read More »