How to Become a Stock Car Driver With Beastockcardriver.Com?

Answer You can become a stock car driver by winning the competition. These unique driving experience days allow you to gain experience behind the wheel of a NASCAR, learn from profes... Read More »

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Is uninsured driver covered if lives in the house with a insured driver?

Answer Only if you added this person to your policy, otherwise he/she is not covered. Usually, the insurance agent will ask if there is anyone living in your household that would be driving your v... Read More »

If an accident with a driver in an insured rental car rented by employer and driver is at fault who is financially liable?

Are you saying that you paid the rent and then the landlord lost the payment?You would have to determine at which point the rent was lost. For instance, if the check never arrived in the mail and w... Read More »

Can a permit driver drive with an intoxicated licensed driver?

lets see here UMMMMMMMMMM.............................… AAAAAAAA NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it illegal to drive a car owned by the main driver but mainly used by the second driver both covered with insurance?

Answer If they are covered under the same insurance policy no. Please be advised if the main driver is not listed as a driver on the said vehicle then there could potentially be no coverage in even... Read More »