How to Become a State Police Officer?

Answer Making the career decision to become an officer of the law can give you a highly rewarding job. If you meet the physical, psychological and personal qualifications of the work, the overall opportun... Read More »

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What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice

Can army officer become a police officer?

If they wish to, yes, providing they meet all requirements.

Do you have to become a police officer to become a detective?

Some law enforcement agencies require detectives to be police officers. The requirements for becoming a detective varies amongst police forces. It is not uncommon for detectives to begin their care... Read More »

Can an off duty police officer who you cut off have a ticket issued to you after the fact by another police officer in Ontario?