How to Become a Sports Commentator?

Answer "Fly ball into right field!" "Touchdown!" "Goal!" These are just some of the expressions you'll hear from a sports commentator reporting live on the air. These knowledgeable, charismatic individua... Read More »

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Sports Commentator Job Description?

Sports commentators have a challenging job. They must succinctly and passionately convey the excitement of a sporting event to their viewers or listeners over the radio or television broadcast. The... Read More »

How to Become a Political Commentator?

It is possible to become a political commentator in just one day. The bigger challenge is becoming successful at it. Anybody with an opinion and Internet access can begin commenting on political af... Read More »

How do i become a better commentator on youtube?

It's not bad you're just getting started like myself. The only thing i'd suggest is that you fix up the audio so there isn't all that static while the video plays. Other then just keep at it and yo... Read More »

Espn sports reporter What do you have to do to become an ESPN sports reporter?

Try to get a degree and a job at a local news station (doesn't have to be in sports). Once you've done that, get to know the sports anchor(s) for that station and make sure it's what you really wan... Read More »