How to Become a Semi-Dualer in "MapleStory"?

Answer In "MapleStory," the Semi-Dualer --- known as the Blade Recruit in the global version of the game --- is the second job available to the Dual Blade. This class specializes in fighting with close ra... Read More »

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How to Be a Semi Cool Person for Semi Geeks?

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How to Do CPQ in Maplestory?

People who are level 30 to 50 in MS are really hard to level and the price of the potions can cost a lot! Here is an easier way to level up your characters who are level 30 to 50.

What does FTW mean& MapleStory?

Gaming jargon can be confusing: There are general terms used by many gamers, and words specific to each game. The letters FTW form a generally universal acronym, meaning "For The Win." It is most ... Read More »

How to Act Pro in Maplestory?

This is going to help you on how to act pro in Maplestory. This article is going to turn you from "Noob" to "Pro." It's pretty simple really...