How to Become a Refrigeration Mechanic?

Answer Technicians that work on refrigerated appliances and other equipment must go through rigorous training and testing in order to obtain jobs, but are rewarded with more stability than other fields. T... Read More »

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Define flash gas and how it applies to the net refrigeration effect of the refrigeration cycle?

FLASH GAS - Instantaneous evaporation of some liquid refrigerant at the metering device due to pressure drop which cools the remaining liquid refrigerant to desired evaporation temperature.This fla... Read More »

Refrigeration Job Description?

Refrigeration technology has forever changed the world of food. Thanks to refrigerators, food that is perishable can be preserved for far longer than it ever could when exposed to room temperatures... Read More »

Does Agave Need Refrigeration?

Since the 1990s, agave nectar has risen in popularity as a sweetener due to its minimal processing and its health benefits. The sweetener ranks lower than others on an index of glycemic content, m... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Refrigeration?

The refrigerator has become a vital appliance in the home. Refrigerators help keep food and beverages fresh by storing them at a temperature low enough to slow down spoiling and the growth of bacte... Read More »