How to Become a Rabbi?

Answer The basic form of the rabbi developed in the Pharisaic and Talmudic era, when learned teachers assembled to codify Judaism's Written and Oral Laws. Read below to find out if you can take on the res... Read More »

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Rabbi and a Rebbe?

How does one tell the difference between a "rabbi" and a "rebbe"? Linguistically, they come from the same Hebrew word for teacher. Practically, all streams of Judaism call those ordained by their o... Read More »

What does"covered by the dust of the rabbi"mean?

During the first century, disciples closely followed their rabbi everywhere. They copied everything he did, in order to become as much like him as possible. Since the Holy Land was, and is, a very ... Read More »

Is kosher food blessed by a rabbi?

On One Hand: Acceptable for Jews to EatKosher food is primarily characterized by being acceptable for Jews to eat because it conforms to the standards outlined in the Scriptures. These include keep... Read More »

How to Find a Rabbi for Your Interfaith Wedding?

The Jewish intermarriage rate is 50%, and finding a rabbi to officiate at your interfaith wedding can be difficult, because most rabbis consider intermarriage a threat to the future of Judaism.Here... Read More »