How to Become a Published Author; from Idea to Bookshelf?

Answer You've loved reading all your life. You majored in Lit/journalism/writing. You've started a novel. Ever since Paolini's Eragon has been published, you think you have it in you to become a great wri... Read More »

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Can a Canadian author get published in the USA?

A Canadian writer can get published in the United States. Publishers are open to authors of all nationalities, and though it can be difficult to market some foreign books to a U.S. audience because... Read More »

Who is in the Guinness Book of Records as the most published author?

According to the official Church of Scientology website, founder L. Ron Hubbard holds the Guinness World Record for Most Published Author with 1,084 titles. Hubbard also holds the records for Most ... Read More »

Does a Copyright Protect an Author's Creative Idea?

As soon as an author creates something in tangible form---a poem, story, article, movie or musical score---the creation has copyright protection. Copyright protects the author's creations of text, ... Read More »

I worked all day to post a note on facebook and when I published it, it disappeared! Any idea what happened?

Facebook ate it. Been doing that a lot today.