How to Become a Professional Diver?

Answer Anyone who has enjoyed the beauty and freedom of scuba diving has thought at least once how amazing it would be to dive for a living. If this dream is alive and well in a recreational diver, it is ... Read More »

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A diver dives off a diving board which is 5m above the surface of a swimming pool Assuming that all of the diver's GPE is converted into KE calculate their speed when they hit the water?

Use the formula v2=u2+2*a*s v=final velocity u=intital velocity a=acceleration due to gravity s=displacement This then gives: 2*9.8*5=98square root of 989.89ms-1

How to Be a Diver?

High diverDiving is an incredibly dangerous(and fun) sport. This article tells you all the hard-core facts you need to know to succeed.

How to Be a Springboard Diver?

Springboard diving is a sport that often doesn't get the credit it deserves. It takes an immense amount of strength, speed, balance, and accuracy. After completing a smooth approach on the board, t... Read More »

What Is a Deep Sea Diver?

In the modern age, a skilled deep sea diver can descend to depths of 200 to 300 feet in order to conduct research, repair underwater structures and even carry out military operations. Helmeted divi... Read More »