How to Become a Pretty and Popular Teenage Girl?

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How to Be a Pretty Teenage Girl?

Teenage Girls- read this if you want tips on looking your best and attractive to others.

How to Be a Popular and Pretty Girl at School?

Do you ever want to be like the popular girls who walk the halls at your school? Well, you can become one of those girls! But keep in mind that it will take you awhile to get tons of friends. Don't... Read More »

How to Be a Pretty, Popular and Cool Tweenage Girl?

Want to be a popular, pretty and cool tweenager? Read this article if so.

How to look as pretty as a popular girl (I'm african american)?

All the girls with flawless faces wear foundation, I wear It to and it's a good place to start. It takes away some shine especially if you get the foundation for oily faces. Also wear mascara. It m... Read More »