How to Become a Prenatal Yoga Teacher?

Answer Learn how to become a prenatal yoga teacher, facilitating the ideal pregnancy birth and postpartum.

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How to Do Prenatal Yoga?

Childbearing can be one of the most difficult, yet wonderful, times you may ever experience in your life. It is important to cherish these moments and also support the health of your baby. Prenatal... Read More »

How to Do the Downward Facing Dog in Prenatal Yoga?

Downward facing dog helps stretch the calves. You will have to do downward dog plenty of times in yoga...

How much yoga does it take to become a yoga pro?

It's a case by case basis. Being a 'yoga pro' isn't about bendibility. The fact is we are born with a set range of motion. The muscles hold about 20% of the flexibility. The ligaments only 4%. ... Read More »

What's more profitable: Being a Yoga Teacher or Being a Pilates Teacher...?

Pilates is more in vogue at the moment and , in my opinion, more appropriate for the european body type in general. However, you don't just make money because you have a skill or can do something.Y... Read More »