How to Become a Pathology Consultant?

Answer Pathology consultants are trained to recognize diseases and other medical conditions. In addition to being licensed to practice medicine, a pathology consultant often testifies in court cases and h... Read More »

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The Best Pathology Programs?

Pathologists are sometimes referred to as the "doctor's doctor." Pathology is the study of human diseases, their causes and treatments. Medical students may choose to study pathology after completi... Read More »

PhD Programs in Pathology?

Pathology is an important field of medical research. Pathologists research diseases and their cures. A related field is epidemiology which researches diseases on "epidemic" scale. While medical doc... Read More »

When was forensic pathology first used?

There is no record of when forensic pathology was first used, but the field's origin is traced to a book published in China in 1248 called the "Hsi Duan Yu," which means the washing away of wrongs,... Read More »

The Pathology of Eczema?

The skin protects the internal organs from outside elements and maintains them in top-notch condition. When kept moist by natural processes, all organs and tissues therein remain intact; however, t... Read More »