How to Become a Network Administrator?

Answer In today's day and age, technology is a key component in the success of any business. The role of the network administrator is to ensure the health of a company's network. Responsibilities include ... Read More »

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The class C network IP address allocated to a network administrator is

1616 hosts 14 usable per subnet

What is my network administrator?

network administrator is who control ur your internet service provider.......also says administartor of your pc is also network administrator.

How to Create a Network Administrator Journal?

Often a network administrator makes changes in settings on servers, applications, but he (or she) doesn't take the time to write down about that. That can lead to problems when a new administrator ... Read More »

How to Change the Administrator Password for Services on a Network?

The administrator on a network controls all the devices, configurations and user permissions on the network. For this reason, the network administrator should change the account password frequently... Read More »