How to Become a Nerf Trooper?

Answer A trooper is a front line soldier. They must be tough, afraid of nothing. Not even a Vulcan.It's a hard process that can take up to 2 weeks. It will take less time if you train harder and longer.

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How to Be a Good Nerf Secret Ops Trooper?

A good Nerf team needs a few secret ops, or "commandos" as they say in video games. And every Secret Ops Trooper might be the only one to turn the tide in your favor when you are losing.

How to Have a Good Nerf Assault Trooper?

Nerf assault troopers are the guys who move towards the enemy quickly and efficiently. A valuable asset to any team, assault troopers are not someone you'd want to mess around with.

How to Become a Trooper in Ohio?

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers enforce the law on the state's roads, respond to traffic accidents, assist motorists in trouble, investigate crimes on state property and provide security for the... Read More »

How to Become a State Trooper in Iowa?

Being a state police officer can be a rewarding career. State troopers across the country patrol highways and other streets, respond to accidents and investigate crimes as needed. This article will... Read More »