How to Become a MySpace Celebrity?

Answer Want to known all over or have a household name?

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How to Spot a Fake Celebrity MySpace Profile?

If you search for "Miley Cyrus" on Myspace, you will most likely find at least 10,000 profiles claiming to be the real her. Now, how do you know if a celebrity profile is legitimate? Read on and fi... Read More »

What is the song played in the bbc advert where it goes from celebrity to celebrity?

"I wont kneel" by Groove ArmadaSee link for BBC TV Ad music list..

I wanted know if theres a way to get on myspace from school becasue theres a block on and htmate2.?

This bundle runs straight out of the box - If you want to bypass web filters or proxy servers blocking any site, you can use Opera with Tor to safely and anonymously view or download whatever you w... Read More »

Addicted to Myspace!! I want to get away from myspace...i don't want to delete my account but...?

when trying to quit anything, you have to wean off of it slowly. if you just quit one day then you'll have the strongest urge to go back to it the other. limit your time on the computer, chopping o... Read More »