How to Become a More Thankful Person?

Answer Are you wondering how to be a more thankful person? Well I am here to tell you how you can achieve this. Being thankful can be a very hard thing to do but with these tips I hope that you will be 10... Read More »

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How to Teach Kids to Be More Thankful People?

Gratitude is a powerful way to turn around your thinking––on the one hand, the cup can be half empty. On the other hand, it can be half full. It all depends on your perspective and the gratitud... Read More »

How to Become a More Patient Person?

Waiting for a book or game to come out? Or for someone to come over? A school day? Then read on

How to Become a More Interesting Person?

If you grew up in a conservative or strict environment and later enter into a more dynamic environment (for example when entering college), you may feel an urge to develop a more exciting and open ... Read More »

How to Become More of an Awesome Person?

First of all, this is to enhance someone's awesome personality and first appearances. If someone comes across you and thinks you're a jerk at first, chances are they're going to keep thinking that ... Read More »