How to Become a More Social Person?

Answer Becoming a more social person takes effort. Being proactive will greatly increase your chance of overcoming any apprehensions that may be inhibiting your social growth. Here are a few tips on becom... Read More »

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When a person is awarded Social Security Disability Insurance how is it that Social Security can withhold 6 months of pay?

When you are awarded Social Security disability benefits, you do not receive benefits beginning on your onset date. Rather, there is a 5 month "waiting period" before benefits begin.As a practical ... Read More »

When should a person take Social Security benefits?

On One Hand: Start at Age 62If you plan to stop working before you reach your full retirement age, which is based on the year you were born, you can begin taking your retirement benefits as early a... Read More »

Can a person get disability and Social Security?

When people refer to "Social Security," they general mean retirement benefits. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance, which is paid from the same fund, but available only to disabled people ... Read More »

How Much Can a Person Earn While on Social Security Disability?

The amount that a person can earn and still remain eligible for Social Security disability benefits changes each year. In 2010, those receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) could ear... Read More »