How to Become a Mage Pure On RuneScape?

Answer This guide shall you how to make a very successful mage pure in Runescape.

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How to Make, Train, and Pk on a Runescape Mage Pure?

Ever wondered how those level 30s murder those level 40s? Well this guide is going to show you how to completely obliterate those higher levels!

How to PvP With a Mage in RuneScape?

This will teach you quite easy mage techniques for f2p and p2p.

How to Play a RuneScape Mage?

How To Play A Runescape Mage. This guide will teach you how to own in runescape as a mage from level 1 magic to level 50 magic.

How to Make a Good Mage on Runescape?

How to make a magic user that actually works, unlike mage pures.