How to Become a Lactation Consultant?

Answer Although the practice of breast feeding is a natural part of being a mother, it still takes skill and technique to be successful. Women have been helping women breast feed for thousands of years. U... Read More »

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What is the Average Salary of an RN Lactation Consultant?

Registered nurse is the largest of job classification within health care. Among 2.6 million RNs in the U.S., salaries can vary by specialty, geographic location and type of employer. The pay for RN... Read More »

Can anyone give me some info on becoming a Lactation Consultant?

This tells you how to apply to be an IBCLC (hours of experience needed, exam fees, etc):…

How to Induce Lactation?

Lactation is the production of milk in female mammary glands, and occurs naturally during pregnancy and post-pregnancy breastfeeding. Women may want to induce lactation if they are planning on adop... Read More »

Hi. Is it physically possible for men to experience lactation?

handy when you run out of milk for your coffee at least!