How to Become a Knowledgable Michael Bolton Fan?

Answer The following easy steps will enable to improve your appreciation and knowledge of Michael Bolton's vast musical library.

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Why is there no Mosh Pit at Michael Bolton concerts?

Funny story... I was jumped at GWAR '96 and they broke my left knee...I didn't have insurance so it still needs surgery...I had a fiasco singing GNR at Karaoke in 2006 and had a subsequent ACL reco... Read More »

Was Michael Bolton's dancing on 'Dancing with the Stars' worse than Master P's dancing?

Master P is technically not human so his dancing cannot be compared with the great Mr. Bolton, who deserves a knighthood.

How to Be a Knowledgable Baseball Fan?

A baseball fan engrossed by the game.This article will teach you how to be the expert that always knows what is going on in baseball.

What is a good job for someone who is knowledgable about guns?

Gunsmith in the civilian sector.In the military, armorer, armorer's assistant, gunner, gun maintenance, sniper, scout, SEAL, Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon.