How to Become a Horror Movie Fanatic?

Answer You've seen a few classic slasher flicks in your lifetime. Who hasn't? If you're into violence and gore, becoming a true horror fanatic is the way to go.

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Where would you rank the Movie Devil's Rejects in the all time Horror movie genre?

i would probally say like a didnt think it was that scary but no movies ever are anymore. i was more scared when i was younger

Guys I have seen a horror movie last year and I had forgot the name of the movie....:(?

What's the FIRST horror movie you ever saw?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the old school one made in the 80s i was like 8 or 9 and to this day it still creeps me out. I also love horror movies.

What is the best horror movie..?

Since it's your first you should start with the classics - Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, or The Wolf Man.