How to Become a Good Sniper in Halo for Computer?

Answer This is a rudimentary guide to becoming a better sniper for Halo PC novices but can also be used as a simple review for advanced players. The SRS99C-S2 AM (Sniper Rifle System 99C-S2 Anti-Matériel... Read More »

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How to Own With the Halo 3 Sniper?

Follow these steps to own with the Halo 3 sniper. Each step is accompanied by in-depth explanations.As you probably noticed, Bungie changed the sniper when porting it over to Halo 3. The reason? Mo... Read More »

How to Be a Better Sniper in All the Halo Games?

Have you ever been ordered to use a Sniper Rifle to kill some Covenant, but had no clue in the Halo world how to snipe? Well, this article will help you with that!

How to Be an Effective Halo 3 Sniper?

Like most games, sniping is a key element to surviving a level. In this article, you will have explained to you the fundamentals of sniping in Halo 3. Keep in mind that some of these techniques can... Read More »

How to Beat a Sniper in Halo 2?

Here is a guide to beat snipers in Halo 2. Just follow these steps and you should beat snipers in no time.