How to Become a Good Liar?

Answer Lying is bad, we all know it and it makes us feel guilty. But sometimes it is for the best, like when you want to give someone a surprise birthday party, or if you fancy someone and you don't want ... Read More »

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What can aunts and grandparents do if they are aware of physical and mental abuse but the abuser is such a good liar that she has DYFS and police fooled?

Answer Begin documenting every suspected incident with the date, place, and details, such as physical signs (multiple bruises, burns, etc.), emotional changes such as a child who is usually active ... Read More »

How to Play Liar?

Liar is a fun game you can play with a friend. It is fairly simply to play too. Here's how to play:

How to Detect a Liar?

There have been many television show sprouting up, based around how to tell if someone is lying. Here are a number of ways to detect a liar.

How to Spot a Pathological Liar?

The term, “liar, liar pants on fire” takes on new meaning when dealing with a pathological liar. This person may not be completely rooted in reality, believing the lies they tell, often in an e... Read More »