How to Become a Girly Girl in Seven Days?

Answer Being a tomboy comes naturally to some ladies and is sometimes a lifestyle that is hard to leave behind. Playing in dirt, shooting hoops and hanging out with the guys are traditionally not the acti... Read More »

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Guys: Would you prefer a tomboy or a girly girl, and why Girls: Are you a tomboy or a girly-girl, and why?

In the middle is exactly where one should be. You are closing to many doors and missing to much of the world if you are exclusively one way or the other. You go girl. Good luck and God Bless.

Guys: Do you like girly-girls or tomboys and why Girls: Are you a girly girl or a tomboy and why?

I'm somewhere in between girly and tomboy.I hate girly girls actually.They make me sick with their stupid conversations about clothes and hair and make-up.It's like they have no idea what's going o... Read More »

How to Act Like a Girly Girl?

Have you noticed it's the school clique of 'girly-girls' that ALWAYS seem to get the boy's attention? Well, by following these simple steps, you will have a trail of boys following you over school...

How to be a girly girl . . . .?

get bangs their super girly, wear high heels, and skirts. earrings and necklaces and pretty blazers make u look really pretty and girlytake a look at this outfitt Read More »