How to Become a General (Lvl 50) in Halo 3?

Answer Ever wondered how your fellow gamers obtain the general symbol next to their gamer tag? Want to be one of the best in Halo 3? Well this article will help you. Remember this article explains only on... Read More »

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How to Become a Halo 2 Pro?

Halo 2 is one of the best Halo games. Since there is no XBox Live Halo 2 anymore, this article deals with Halo 2 Vista and Halo 2 XBox.

How to Become a Legend in Halo 3?

A lot of people love halo 3 and will do anything to become the best player ever. They will cheat and lie and use every technique in the book. But these techniques are simple but effective.

How to Become MLG Worthy in Halo 3?

Always keep clean while playing Halo!Halo seems like a hard game to get really good at, and it is, but you can become as good as the pros with some simple steps.

How to Become a Better Halo 3 Mlg Player?

Here are some tips for become a better MLG Halo 3 player.