How to Become a Female Mma Boxer?

Answer Well my name is Lucero Hernandez i am a girl and i live in Wichita Ks and i am a Professional MMA boxer by having 9 belts and 12 Metals and 4 Trophies....... i have traveled all around the US and i... Read More »

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How to Be a Female Boxer?

Are you a female and want to be a pro boxer? Read on to learn how.

Female Boxer's Diet?

Boxers are large, sturdy dogs that were originally bred in Germany as hunting companions. They can stand as tall as 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh as much as 70 pounds. Boxers require diets th... Read More »

What are the chances of my getting a refund on the Barbara Boxer boxer shorts I bought?

Speaking of semen-stained boxers, The Nolte probably shouldn't have read Kel's answer.

If fecal matter gets into the urinary tract of an adult female causing bladder infections why is the same not true of female infants?

It really depends on how often he or she does it. If they wet maybe once a month, they will stop soon, don't worry. If they do it 3 times a week, i would put them in pullups at night, they wont wan... Read More »