How to Become a Fan of a Celebrity?

Answer Do you just absolutely love this one celebrity but somebody else also thinks they ares their the bigger fan? Do you want to show that you, indeed, are their biggest fan? Well, look no further! Here... Read More »

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What is the song played in the bbc advert where it goes from celebrity to celebrity?

"I wont kneel" by Groove ArmadaSee link for BBC TV Ad music list..

If you could date any celebrity in the world who would you date Who's the last celebrity you'd date?

I'd date Reggie Bush. In fact, he's my future husband, lol.The last person I'd date is Dustin Diamond. Have you ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? Yeah, well, even if you haven't...yuck.

How to Act Like a Celebrity?

Hey, Tom!Have you ever wanted to act like a celebrity? Celebrities are confident, well respected, stylish, and animated. Here are some helpful tips on how to act as a celebrity.

Who's this celebrity?