How to Become a Dermatologist?

Answer A dermatologist is a medical doctor specialising in treating and diagnosing disorders of the skin. From start to finish, including undergraduate coursework, the process can take a minimum of 11 yea... Read More »

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Should I see a dermatologist?

Do you shave or otherwise deplilate your legs? I'm wondering about razor burn and dry skin, or a mild case of folliculitis. If they feel better after a thin application of something like mineral ... Read More »

Should I go to a dermatologist?

Dermatologist can find out problems on your scalp, plus if you have a clear decease for your hair. They will check your blood and try to find out if any change in your system influenced in thinnin... Read More »

What's a dermatologist's job like?

the pay is very highThere is lots of blood and surgery involvedyou have to have a strong stomach, they do lots of procedures on the skin like removing warts, and poping zits (and worse things)It co... Read More »

Going to the dermatologist tomorrow. What do they do?

you should not wear make up when you go to a derm so they can really examine your problem.If your already bieng pulled outta of school then just let it be, you shouldnt be insecure about ur skin wh... Read More »