How to Become a Decent Person?

Answer Appearing decent can be very important in situations where you must interact with people. Whether you're trying to convince someone of a viewpoint, make friends, or get a new job, looking like a de... Read More »

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How to Create a Decent First Person Shooter Game?

First person shooters (FPS) are fun popular games in which many people love to play and buy. Everyone has the brains to play a FPS and everyone has the brains to make one. The problem is that hardl... Read More »

How quick should a person in decent shape,walk a mile?

I can take a mile in about 10-12 minutes, but that isn't power walking. I'd not worry about it.Just get out and walk! That's what I do. Its very invigorating and does more good when you aren't worr... Read More »

10 points to the first person to give me a decent answer to this question regarding toes?

First of all, stop peeling your toenails.I have ingrown nails on both big toes on both sides from 20 years of professionally dancing. my only option is to have a doctor go and cut the entire nail ... Read More »

Is it possible to get a decent PC for £300-£400?

yes build it yourself or goto ebay good computers cheap theirworth a look anyway