How to Become a Deacon?

Answer Deacons in the Roman Catholic Church comprise what is called the Diaconate, which is a holy order. Deacons are comparable to priests in the Catholic Church, except that they serve a mainly minister... Read More »

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How to Become a Deacon in the Episcopal Church?

A deacon is a Christian church leader who, while not sharing the ceremonial and leadership responsibilities of a priest or minister, is responsible for caring for a parish's congregation. In the Ep... Read More »

Who was known as Deacon by the Secret Service?

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How to Give a Charge to an Ordained Deacon?

In Christian churches, deacons have the responsibility of ministering to the poor, assisting with worship and functioning as stewards of the church's resources. If you are planning a service of ord... Read More »

Why was carters secret service name deacon?