How to Become a Comic Book Genius?

Answer This if you want to impress people with your comic book expertise.

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How to Become Like a Comic Book Superhero (for Young Teens)?

Most of us (boy or girl) have wanted to be a superhero. Even if you think you are a "cool" and "bad" and "gangster" or whatever, I'm pretty sure that every human wants to be good. Plus, who doesn't... Read More »

Who is the model on the cover of the iPhone 3G Portable Genius book?

It is a Apple Type of Phone.You can also listen to music and others!

How to Become a Mac Genius?

Each Apple retail store includes a Genius Bar where customers can get expert technical support for their iPod, iPad, Mac or iPhone. Genius Bars are staffed by trained professionals known as Mac Gen... Read More »

How to become an evil genius?

First enter Politics. Then make certain that all cameras & microphones are under your control. Do Not make the same mistakes as Blagojovich & 'Bobby the Torch' Torricelli. Keep all recordings in th... Read More »