How to Become a Civil War Drummer (Reenacting)?

Answer Drummers have been used for hundreds of years by armies all over Europe and America. In particular, Civil War drummers have a lot of fame and are often searched for in the re-enacting community. Ho... Read More »

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How to Install a Sling on a Civil War Musket (Reenacting)?

Cooking with beer has long been popular and so have muffins; combining the two makes good sense. Plus, this recipe's really easy and is ideal to mop up a tasty beer stew with.

How to Assemble a Reenacting Musket Cleaning Kit?

A complete cleaning kit is absolutely essential for an American Civil War reenactor. In it you should have everything to clean and maintain your reenacting musket. From the outset, it's important t... Read More »

How to Install a Cartridge Box Sling (Reenacting)?

Cartridge Box with SlingA cartridge box sling is a must for an accurate federal impression. During the American Civil War, US cartridges boxes were issued to the soldiers with a sling. The sling he... Read More »

How to Roll Paper Cartridges (Reenacting)?

This article will instruct you on how to roll blank paper cartridges for .58 cal. black-powder muzzleloaders. Be sure to read the entire article and view all pictures before trying to make the cart... Read More »