How to Become a Child Welfare Lawyer?

Answer Child welfare lawyers are attorneys who work for government agencies and nonprofit organizations to litigate cases on the behalf of minor children. They may handle cases involving custody, guardian... Read More »

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Is the welfare of the child more important than the right of the biological parents who have given that child up for adoption?

Answer Yes, the welfare of the child always comes first and thank God for that! Children are not dolls you take off a shelf and dust off to play with, but little human beings that need to be loved... Read More »

Why the president sent secret service to house how your child get rape in they care why the judge said you cant have a lawyer why is your child in pain?

Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury department and have duties for maintaining security there.

What is the welfare of the child?

its being. looking out for best intrest making sure its clothed fed properly etc..having a good life and so on how its doing mentally phisically emotionally etc

How does child welfare work?

Answer Child welfare means (the well being of a child) The question is too broad. Has the child been beaten up? neglected? verbally abused? or any other things done that do not appear normal? call ... Read More »