How to Become a Carpenter?

Answer As you look at how to become a carpenter, you can see there are many career paths that you might follow. Because the field of carpentry has so many options within it, very few carpenters achieve th... Read More »

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Can a 15 year old be a carpenter?

Yeah, you can. I'm 66 but I understand as when I was 15 I was a mess and it's only a little better now. Look, there are craft fairs all around. Get your parents to rent a booth. Make a whole bu... Read More »

What does a carpenter woodworker do?

A carpenter woodworker is a skilled tradesman who creates a variety of products using wood as the primary material. A carpenter builds houses and other structures such as decks and porches. Carpen... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are large “bee-like" insects that resemble the bumble bee, as they have similar body structure and coloring. However, unlike their bee relatives, Carpenter bees are generally not a... Read More »

What are carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees grow to approximately 1 inch in length and have metallic blue-black bodies with green or purple highlights. Unlike the social bumble bee, the carpenter bee is a solitary, generally n... Read More »