How to Become a Car Detailer?

Answer Detailers put the shine on the cars in your dealer's showroom and restore the shine to cars at car washes. They thoroughly clean cars, inside and out, using brushes and detergents to clean the outs... Read More »

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How much do you tip a car detailer?

Car detailers do provide a valuable service to you and, therefore, are entitled to a gratuity for services. The general rule of thumb for car detailing is 15 percent of your total bill before taxes... Read More »

What Does an Auto Detailer Do?

An auto detailer takes the typical car wash and vacuum a step further by making a vehicle as clean and presentable as possible. Used car dealers employ auto detailers to help increase the resale of... Read More »

Car Detailer Duties?

Car detailers are employed at dealerships or with independent car detailing businesses. Their job is to make your car sparkle and shine. Like the name implies, the bulk of their work is in the deta... Read More »

How Does a Car Detailer Spend a Workday?

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