How to Become a Better Halo 3 Mlg Player?

Answer Here are some tips for become a better MLG Halo 3 player.

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How to Become a Better Objective Player on Your Halo 3 Team?

If your the one on your team that captures the flag, holds the oddball, and can time hill times you must be the Objective player. If you are the objective player on your Halo 3 team then follow the... Read More »

How to Become Better With a DMR (Halo Reach)?

DMR BloomSo you need to become better with a DMR. That's okay, it's a tricky weapon to use. But just follow these steps to become instantly better with the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR).

How to Become a Better Ice Hockey Player?

You love ice hockey but you aren't very good at it. This will show you how to get better at it.

How can I become a better piano player?

Yup, practice practice practice. I've been training my ear to play piano as well, and I've made a considerable amount of progress.Also, understand music theory will help a ton as well. So sightread... Read More »