How to Become a Beauty Guru on Youtube?

Answer So.. Girls we all see lots of gurus on YouTube and yes we all want to be like one!! So keep reading and this will tell you how to :)

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Who is this youtube beauty guru?…

YouTube Beauty Guru name help?

I think your name is Erin, right? erincoture1313Random right? Lol if you find one respond with your YouTube name so I can check you out! I'm always looking for a new beauty guru, besides macbarbie0... Read More »

How to Become a Youtube Beauty Guru?

Have you always dreamed to be like Blair Fowler, Elle Fowler, Michelle Phan or Bubzbeauty? Your dream can come true if you follow these steps and work hard!

Youtube beauty guru question! 10 pts.!?

i love that name XD so cute i think thats cool . im actually a youtube beauty guru in training :P if you would like please check out my channel :)…thanks ... Read More »