How to Become Truly Artsy Without Faking It?

Answer Go outside, and paint on an easel.Want to become "artsy" without being called a wannabe or a poser? Follow these instructions and you will become a artsy person.

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How to Be Artsy?

Have you ever admired that coffee-shopper, hat-wearer, writer from afar? You can easily be admired, too. Show your artsy side and remember don't be a follower or a groupie--avoid fads. Enjoy expres... Read More »

What does artsy mean?

The word artsy is an adjective that is used to describe a person who enjoys creating art. The word can also be used to describe a non-conforming or unconventional individual.References:Urban Dictio... Read More »

How to Seem Weird Without Faking It?

So you see girls on TV or in magazines who are so off the wall, and every loves them. (but you still have haters with every style) this is how you be them.

How to Be Artsy Yet Sophisticated?

In this article we will tell you how to be Artsy yet Sophisticated. The trick is to be feminine and artistic, but stick to natural colors.