How to Become Successful As a Single Parent?

Answer As a single parent, I have faced some struggles, challenges, and joys over the past couple of years. Through these experiences I have learned a lot and I want to be able to share my advice to other... Read More »

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What's better A single parent to collect welfare, or a single parent to work and their child is in daycare?

Fair point, but being the proud, evil conservative libertarian that I am, I say daycare and work. If no one HAD to work, not many people would choose to work.Really, K, I'm howling at the idea tha... Read More »

What happens if the child protective services takes kids away from a parent Can they get them back What if the single parent is on drugs Will the kids be safe from the parent?

child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents

As an Adoptive Parent, what single piece of advice would you give to a younger Adoptive Parent?

Consider keeping contact with first family. I can't imagine how I would feel right now if I hadn't gotten to know my kids' first mom.

How to become a successful foster parent?

Take a van, get some sweets, ask them if they want to see your puppie and a free ride home... Then take them for your own and tie them up... Simples ;)