How to Become Really Good at Articulating Your Thoughts?

Answer You must stay organized and be able to articulate your thoughts into words and a well thought-out essay.

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Is my anime video any good Would like your thoughts on it.?

It is very awesome. Keep up the good work. You have a bright future as a youtuber. One day you will become one of those famous youtubers, i bet

Can you become a famous actress if your really ugly?

Can Your Eyes Really Become Stuck If You Go Cross Eyed To Long?

Doctors say there is no truth to the myth that your eyes might stay crossed, you can temporarily strain your eye muscles by crossing your eyes for long periods of time.

Is 5-HTP good for obsessive thoughts?

Probably. it makes you happier, so it should be good for that. It is harmless and has no side effects, so it's worth a try.