How to Become More Musically Experienced?

Answer Have you ever heard the saying, "The band is only as good as its weakest player"? This definitely holds true - a large part of the success of a band hinges on the members' understanding of music it... Read More »

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How to Be Musically Cultured?

Ever been in a circle of hipsters and find yourself unable to speak because you don't know a thing about music? Here's how to hold your own.

How to Be Musically Inspired by Dragonforce?

So you listened to all the albums, you play Guitar, drums, Bass, Lead, Keyboard and can sing like ZP Theart. Also, have been a fan of all metal genres. Or, just starting to have an interest of thei... Read More »

R&P are there any musically challenged kids at your school?

Hey ICSFMSLUT...Oh my friggen God....When people do that it gets on my nerves!Like the other day... this girl was wearing a shirt that said " Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds" (Odd...I know...)And ... Read More »

Musically speaking, who's you favorite gay icon?

By "gay icon" I'm thinking... who do the drag queens love to dress up as the most. For my money it's Tina Turner.But I wouldn't be too surprised to be seeing some Lady Gaga in the Castro District t... Read More »