How to Become Like a Comic Book Superhero (for Young Teens)?

Answer Most of us (boy or girl) have wanted to be a superhero. Even if you think you are a "cool" and "bad" and "gangster" or whatever, I'm pretty sure that every human wants to be good. Plus, who doesn't... Read More »

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Who is the most powerful comic book superhero ever?

On One Hand: Physical Abilities Stand TallFor raw power, look for heroes who possess either exceptional strength or overpowering energy weapons. Superman, Thor and The Incredible Hulk are in the ru... Read More »

How to Create a Superhero Comic?

Want to make a superhero comic, but you don't know how? When you create a comic, you are unleashing your imagination onto pieces of paper. If your comics are good enough, they could become publishe... Read More »

What marvel superhero comic did Bugs Bunnys whats up doc first appear?

Teens and young adults answer only or young at heart?

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