How to Become Like a Comic Book Superhero (for Young Teens)?

Answer Most of us (boy or girl) have wanted to be a superhero. Even if you think you are a "cool" and "bad" and "gangster" or whatever, I'm pretty sure that every human wants to be good. Plus, who doesn't... Read More »

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Who is the most powerful comic book superhero ever?

On One Hand: Physical Abilities Stand TallFor raw power, look for heroes who possess either exceptional strength or overpowering energy weapons. Superman, Thor and The Incredible Hulk are in the ru... Read More »

How to Become a Comic Book Genius?

This if you want to impress people with your comic book expertise.

How to Find a Type of Comic Book You Like?

Marvel SuperherosThere are many different types of comic book series in the world and many of different ways to enjoy comic books. We are going to go through how to pick a type of comic and how to ... Read More »

How to Act Like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons?

Want to act like comic book guy from the Simpsons? Want to collect comic books, be a science fiction wizard,and lots more? If this applies to you, keep reading!