How to Become Less Addicted to Facebook?

Answer Get away from the computer!!Is Facebook taking away your time from your life?Follow these steps to become less addicted to Facebook.

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How to become un-addicted to facebook?

I'd delete it. Or I'd do what some friends did (around the beginning of Lent). They posted with an update about how they were giving it up. And naturally, they haven't logged on. Of course, you'd h... Read More »

Is being a homeless, drug addicted prostitute in America less tragic?

This is what I want to say all the time, but don't, so I thank you for saying it.........because everyone is like "have you seen the slums of Brazil, have you seen the poverty in Africa...etc.....A... Read More »

Are you addicted to facebook?

Yes. It's so annoying! I have an essay to write that I've been putting off because of it, all day! And I'm constantly checking it to see if anythings changed. Oh dear..

Addicted to Facebook?

If its everywhere all the time, deleting it makes sense. if you say its too much your not ready to overcome the addiction... reading books is a good thing to do focus your attention as you probably... Read More »