How to Become Human Again in "Oblivion"?

Answer There are many dangers in "Oblivion," but some of the most insidious are the vampire clans that exist in secret lairs throughout the game's world. One misstep in combat against a vampire can leave ... Read More »

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TH Family: Are you over reacting to the Human connect to Human song?

I agree with you 10000000000%!''personally I'm insulted if people in the TH family have problems with lesbians, gays or bisexuals''I feel the same way. no matter what, you do NOT discriminate again... Read More »

How to Mod "Oblivion" Using a USB?

"Oblivion," the fourth game of the Elder Scrolls series, permits you to use third-party add-ons to modify the game. These mod files may be added to your "Oblivion" installation from any source, suc... Read More »

TH Fans that've listened to Human Connect to Human...?

Lol, yes i love the song & i dont mind the meaning at all :]BILL AND TOM ARE 20 TOMORROW! :] & that is what is constantly on their mind. I mean come on, look at their age, of course their going t... Read More »

How to Get a Horse in Oblivion?

In Oblivion, there are horse stables at every city and many travelers on the roads have horses all their own. Next time you load up your game, here's how to get a horse so you're not left out of th... Read More »