How to Become Friends with the Guys That Hate You?

Answer Is there a group of guys in your school that you'd like to be friends with, even though they dislike you? You can make it happen.

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Why do guys hate makeup?

I think they hate it because it makes them feel insecure when you look hot. Any guy I ever dated who told me not to wear make up was cut off immediately. I don't need someone controlling me like ... Read More »

My friends hate me for my looks?

You know, they might hate you because you're conceited. And they'd be right.

Why do bad guys hate Oprah Winfrey?

Born with 2 left feet. (literally 2 left feet, Dana Barron's big toe is on the right on both feet so she in effect has 2 left feet) it is highly unlikely that Dana Barron would appear on Dancing wi... Read More »

Guys- why do u hate it so much when girls put on makeup?

Because its true. Make up makes a girl look likes she's desperate for attention. Sometimes if it's too much make up, she'd look trashy. Guy's like girls who look their best but do so in moderation.... Read More »